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By now we operate 4 E-fulfilment centers where the AutoStore is the heart of the organization. The largest now consists of 80,000 storage bins in Nieuwegein. After the first expansion in Roosendaal, the AutoStore there will consist of more than 98.000 bins. In the future, more than 400,000 storage bins will be available, divided among our various sites. On this page you can find everything you need to know about our AutoStore system, so read on!

See below how our AutoStore does its job

See below how our AutoStore does its job

The Active Ants AutoStore is a cube-shaped framework, in which plastic bins are placed on top of and next to each other. This system requires 600% less space than a traditional warehouse with shelving. This warehousing solution makes our storage and order picking flawless, fast, dust-free, theft-preventative and cost-effective.

On top of the AutoStore lies a framework of rails, on which robots operate. Using intelligent software, a robot knows exactly which bin to take to a picking station. There, the order picker, in turn, uses pick-to-light technology to retrieve the required item from the bin and sends the entire order to the packing tables and so on to shipping. We are currently working with more than 180,000 bins and 150 robots. But the system is built in such a way that everything can be easily expanded. In the future we will expand to 440,000 bins and 500 robots.  

Live, casual introduction to our AutoStore?

Live, casual introduction to our AutoStore?

Our E-fulfilment experts are ready for you with a nice cup of tea and will be happy to tell you more about the AutoStore, our robots and how outsourcing your fulfilment to Active Ants can make your web shop more successful.

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