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As an online shop grows, it often sets its sights on foreign markets. Why would you let old-fashioned national borders stop you? With e-commerce, the world is your oyster and Active Ants is fully equipped to help you seize every opportunity available. For shipments to and from international customers, we offer a wide range of shipping and returns solutions. Thanks to the large volumes we process, we can usually offer highly competitive rates. 

Belgium and Germany 24 hours

Belgium and Germany 24 hours

As in the Netherlands, we can offer next-day delivery services for Belgian and German orders as well. For Belgium, we offer the same cut-off time of 23.59 as in the Netherlands. The cut-off time for orders from Germany is a bit earlier, but German consumers are not used to late cut-off times to begin with. 

We can guarantee these strict SLAs as a result of the excellent agreements we have made with bpost in Belgium and DHL in Germany. The direct infeed of our parcels in these countries allows us to deliver orders quickly and cheaply. This, in turn, allows our clients to expand their business in these countries and effectively compete with local parties.   

Europe and the Rest of the World

Europe and the Rest of the World

For the most popular countries in Europe, our goal is to sign agreements with the best local transporters. For example, we have signed such contracts with bpost in Belgium, Deutsche Post in Germany, La Poste in France, Correos in Spain, GLS in Denmark and so on. As we have more than a decade's worth of experience with shipping consumer orders to those countries, we were able to select the transporters that offer the best value for money.

For shipments to the rest of the world, we primarily use the services of UPS and FedEx. Additionally, our clients can make use of our international postal contracts that ship orders all over the world with no or limited tracking. In other words: we have the perfect solution for every business model!   

Trade Services

Trade Services

As part of the bpost group we can support you with trade services. From importing and exporting to complicated duty and tax optimalisation and even international trade consulting. We give you the possibility to gain a network for your cross-border needs. With experienced, licensed staff and industry-leading customs technologies, we are the cross-border experts.

Choose your (international) quality

It goes without saying that an iPhone cannot be sent to an international destination in the same manner as a wooden cutting board. As hundreds of different online shops use Active Ants’ services, we offer a wide range of shipping methods and options to suit the needs of as many different business models as possible.  

For high-tier products, we offer premium transporters such as UPS and FedEx that deliver orders to (international) consumers with insurance and full tracking. 

For mid-tier products, we offer standard shipping methods with tracking that offer the best value for money.

For low-tier products, we offer shipping solutions with limited or no tracking. These are primarily used because of their low cost, although the risk of damaged or lost parcels is higher. 

We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss the best shipping matrix for your organisation. In addition to the actual shipping rates, we also consider the lead times, the loss percentages and - of course - the consumer-friendliness of each shipping method.

International returns

In most cases, setting up the happy flow by successfully delivering parcels to international customers is a piece of cake. But what if these customers want to return an item? What if your business really takes off and the stream of returned goods becomes significantly larger?

In that case, your solutions have to be set up in a well thought-out and scalable manner. For shipments to the most popular countries in Europe, Active Ants has developed various excellent, fast and affordable returns solutions. Every year, this network is expanded further with new countries, new transporters and new linehauls. 

We offer three different solutions:

  1. Your customer service department can generate European return labels via our IT system and send them to consumers.
  2. We include a return label in the box with every order.
  3. Consumers can generate return labels in real time and digitally via a returns portal and our API.

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