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Looking for European fulfilment services, situated in a favourable central location within the EU? Active Ants is a Dutch fulfilment center, providing e-fulfilment solutions for international entrepreneurs.

Choosing for Active Ants: our benefits

We offer innovative and flexible fulfilment solutions and take care of distributing your packages on a domestic and international level. Why choose for Active Ants for all your fulfilment needs? Here are some of the benefits:

  • An automated fulfilment process to ensure error-free picking, packing and shipping
  • A cut-off time of 11.59 PM for the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Total European coverage with 24-72 hour delivery across the EU
  • Collaborations with many different carriers, providing specific possibilities for each country
  • Competitive shipping rates
  • Extensive return options
  • Careful and accurate order picking
  • Total control over your current inventory
  • Fulfilment software solutions and plugins for all e-commerce platforms
  • Super efficient and sustainable storage with the AutoStore
  • Personalized printing on packaging

Fulfilment Center in Europe: B2C Fulfilment

Active Ants has extensive experience in the field of business-to-consumer orders. We aim to enrich the experience of your customers on a daily basis and are happy to advise you on improving your position in the B2C market.

In the end it all comes down to one key point: customer satisfaction. A happy customer will remember and share their positive experience and is more likely to return to your store for future purchases. With our tailor-made solutions we enable you to streamline your entire e-fulfilment process, providing an optimal experience from start to finish for all of your customers.

Our e-fulfilment solutions are based on three core aspects:

  • Flexibility: Do you deal with season-dependent peak times? MCS Fulfilment provides the required support for all your fulfilment needs and is able to handle all incoming orders.
  • A borderless approach: We have been doing business with our neighbouring countries for a considerable time, and also have experience with clients from China and the United States. MCS Fulfilment has gained a steady foothold in Europe, providing fulfillment solutions for all countries.
  • Cost-efficiency: By storing your goods in our warehouse, there is no longer a need to buy or rent expensive storage buildings within the EU.
Business Case: Hubble Contacts

Business Case: Hubble Contacts

Striving for European success, Hubble Contacts, an ambitious and fast growing American company, discovered Active Ants at the end of 2017. Thanks to our flexible and decisive performance, made-to-measure advice and years of experience with fulfilment we are now at the start of a long-term, successful collaboration with Hubble Contacts.

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Mediahuis: "Active Ants exceeds our expectations"

Mediahuis: "Active Ants exceeds our expectations"

Publisher Mediahuis has been a customer of bpost for many years for the shipment of its newspapers, but also of the products sold through their webshop. Given the growth of the latter activity, bpost advised them to switch to the more automated e-fullfiment partner within the bpost group, Active Ants, when they started up operations in Belgium (Willebroek) at the beginning of the summer.

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Brexit and European Fulfilment

Brexit shook up the entire e-commerce branch and continues to do so as we approach the exit date. Along with a lot of uncertainty for business owners, Brexit affects companies based in the UK in multiple ways:

  • Businesses face higher shipping costs due to value-added taxes (VAT)
  • Shipping delays are imminent, as products from outside of the EU will be subjected to more strict controls by customs services
  • While the decreased value of the pound sterling might encourage European shoppers to purchase from UK-based companies, delayed shipping and higher shipping costs will likely discourage them

Active Ants provides a feasible solution for UK-based entrepreneurs looking for a way to thrive in a post-Brexit scenario. Relocating your fulfilment set-up to the Netherlands comes with multiple advantages. For starters, the Netherlands provide a favourable business climate, with tax advantages and quite flexible laws and regulations.

Furthermore, the Dutch have always embraced entrepreneurship, welcoming new business opportunities and collaborations with open arms. This, along with our proficiency with the English language, our characteristic directness in communication and our open minded nature makes us ideal partners for companies aiming to gain a foothold within the European Union.

Learn more about Brexit and its effect on e-commerce and fulfilment in our extensive article.

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