Active Ants 5 years after the Rabobank commercial

In 2015, Active Ants was featured in a Rabobank commercial. Today, five years later, Active Ants’ founders Jean Lahaye and Jeroen Dekker reveal how things have gone since that commercial and the investment they were able to make back then with the help of the Rabobank.

The fulfilment company has undergone significant growth in recent years, bpost was brought on board as an investor and even more expansion investments were made in the site in Nieuwegein with the help of this partner. Now it is time to realise a second site in Roosendaal with another massive Autostore and even more different types of robots. In the future, the company will be able to process even more orders for online shops.

The partnership between the company's founders continues to be as pleasant and successful as ever. Many thanks to the Rabobank, bpost, Dematic, all suppliers, all staff and of course all clients - all of whom played their part in Active Ants’ success story!

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