Active Ants and Bluem Europe announce partnership

Bluem Europe (5 Pillars Research BV), the company from Dutch origin that sells oxygen based oral care products, is going to vastly expand its domestic and overseas E-commerce activities and chooses Active Ants as new e-fulfillment partner to help realise that.

Since Bluem was founded in 2009, the company mainly focussed on oral care professionals like dental hygienists, dentists and implantologists, on a domestic and international level. Because of the pandemic the ambitious company, that strives for a healthier world, has decided to expand operations in the ‘direct-to-consumers’ channel in an accelerated manner. “We happily go the extra mile for our customers. Active Ants fits perfectly in this approach and vision. Not only the speed and efficiency that we can achieve with our new partner was an important part of our selection. The innovations that Active Ants is implementing regarding sustainability were of vital importance to our final decision”, says Joanne Bouwkamp, director Finance & Operations for Bluem Europe.

Reducing our ecological foot-print.  

“Our clients are, just like us, very committed to a better planet. Sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint is on top of our company’s agenda. Luckily Active Ants has a unique feature with a machine that delivers custom packaging. Every order gets automatically and custom packed by this machine with the least, or even none, filling material and air possible. Just imagine how much unnecessary space and material is saved on a yearly basis. For us this means a first step to have a more critical look at our processes and packaging. We already have some nice projects lined-up in 2021 to make even bigger steps in eco-friendly packaging and formulas. Maybe small, but very important steps forward”, adds Bouwkamp enthusiastically.

The message gets supported by Active Ants’ sales manager, Jarno Twijnstra: “Bluem has the ambition to take up a leading position as eCommerce player in the Dutch and European markets. We are very happy to help this enthusiastic party realising its ambitions. In order to do this, our commitment is to do more than only the logistical aspect of their business. At Active Ants, we like to actively contributes ideas to improve the operation of our partners”.

About Active Ants

Active Ants is the most innovative e-fulfillment company in the Netherlands. It provides the storage, orderpicking, packing and shipping of online orders for more than a 100 different web shops. Active Ants believes in automating processes to achieve operational excellence. In addition to the robotization of the warehouse, Active Ants also invests heavily in IT and cross-border e-fulfillment. Because of this unique approach, web shops collaborating with Active Ants are more successful and grow faster.

About blue®m

blue®m is the clinically validated oral health brand, ‘oxygen based oral science’. The mission of the Dutch company is to make a difference in oral health and change the current status quo in oral care. It strives for people all over the world to start treating their mouth as the entrance of their body. Next to that, the company aims for oral professionals on a global scale to reconsider their treatments and protocols and consider other, more body friendly, alternatives.

The Dutch company, that is one of the 772 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands (FD Gazelle 2020), develops and sells oxygen based oral healthcare products of the highest quality. The products, that are made in the Netherlands, are available in more than 50 countries and recommended by various oral health professionals across the globe.