Active Ants' newest E-fulfilment center opens its doors in Willebroek, Belgium

On July 1, the first test package was packed by an Active Ants employee and sorted by a robot at Active Ants' newest E-fulfilment center in Willebroek, Belgium.

AutoStore and robots in Belgium

Now that Active Ants is operational in Willebroek, the originally Dutch company has taken the first step towards its international expansion. This is one of the goals that the fulfilment company has set together with its parent company bpost. The 10,000 m2 warehouse, located on the Molenweg in Willebroek, has the same set-up as the ultra-modern E-fulfilment centre that bpost and Active Ants opened last winter in Roosendaal, the Netherlands.

All of which means that Active Ants can now also serve the Belgian market, from Belgium. The AutoStore, one of the pillars behind Active Ants' success since 2015, has been given a cool Belgian look and offers space for 80,000 bins of products.


Sustainable Solutions

The latest Autostore robots, the AMR carrier-ants, and the packing machines are running at full throttle in the well-known Active Ants colors. A unique feature is the custom printing option that allows every webshop to have its own print on the packaging.

The packaging machine equipped with this printing module strengthens its already sustainable character, boxes are custom made so that unnecessarily large boxes with lots of air are not shipped. 

AMR E-fulfilment robots

Rangerfloor in Willebroek

Locally strong with and thanks to bpost

Naturally, Active Ants in Willebroek works closely with its parent company bpost and can directly deploy all of bpost's last-mile distribution solutions. But Active Ants can also serve Europe and the rest of the world from Willebroek via smart shipping solutions that it deploys and uses together with its international sister companies Radial, Landmark Global and Dynalogic.


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