Active Green Ant

11 June 2021

Active Green with Active Ants: The transition to sustainable e-fulfilment

With a project called 'Active Green', Active Ants is working on the transition to sustainable e-fulfilment. Want to know how? Read it here!

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Personalized Print

8 February 2021

e-fulfilment with robots, yet personal

Had a busy December month as webshop owner, manager, or entrepreneur? Family, friends, picking, packing and sending online orders? Unfortunately, we can’t help you with your family and friends, but…

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AA Visual route

15 July 2020

What does e-fulfilment mean, exactly?

As an online shop owner, you have undoubtedly seen this word before, but what does e-fulfilment actually mean? In general, e-fulfilment is about the processing and shipping of orders.

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E-fulfilment warehouse Roosendaal

9 July 2020

Active Ants is developing Europe's most efficient e-fulfilment warehouse in Roosendaal.

Active Ants has rented a new 20,000 m2 warehouse in Roosendaal (North Brabant). This allows the company to accommodate the growth of its e-fulfilment activities in the Netherlands.

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AA employer

9 July 2020

What does a fulfilment company do for your online shop?

If you run your own online shop, you will surely have heard of fulfilment companies.

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