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Verisure, pioneering in Europe.

Verisure is the leading European supplier of professionally monitored security systems that are connected 24/7 to an alarm center. They protect more than 3,7 million customers in 16 countries in Europe and Latin America. Verisure Belgium is the leader in the Belgian market.

"In our monitoring centre, authorised operators look after the safety of our customers 24/7", explains Nicolas Janssens, Competence Center Manager. "This is the first monitoring station in Belgium to meet the toughest European certification requirements in terms of service quality, speed of response and customer safety".


"Our customers can buy some DIY products in our webshop, including replacement batteries. We are fully committed to sustainable products and batteries with an extra long life span, but after a while they still need to be replaced. Our system automatically detects which batteries are due for replacement and sends users a message from the alarm system to order new ones via the webshop".

Strongest candidate

Nicolas Janssens, Competence Center Manager at Verisure

"As indicated, we were looking for a fulfilment partner that could meet several requirements. We actively looked around the market. After a thorough analysis Active Ants emerged as the strongest candidate. The extensive automation was a decisive factor, but the financial picture was also right. It seamlessly fitted in with what we were looking for and the standard features were also in line with our vision. Active Ants is also centrally located geographically and the recent opening of a new fulfilment centre in Belgium opens up additional opportunities for the future. Active Ants now stocks our batteries and DIY components with an extensive manual. These products can be delivered to the customer within two days, the standard delivery time''.






Reliable fulfilment partner

"Active Ants is first and foremost a reliable fulfilment partner, the facilitator that allows us to keep doing things ourselves. Because we can rely on their services, we can set up new initiatives in the short term and avoid lengthy and cumbersome procedures, both internally and for our customers."

''Customers know that they can expect a package and count on receiving it quickly and safely. On our side, we rely on the professionalism of Active Ants when it comes to storing, handling and sending the parcels. This way we can continue to improve our customer experience''.

Cooperation in the future

"Verisure Belgium is certainly satisfied and is already taking the first steps to deepen their cooperation in the future. One of the projects we are currently working on is to harmonise the processes better, so we can create greater visibility and have an end-to-end overview of the delivery times. In this way, we can guarantee better follow-up and do the necessary after-care.''

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