Do you sell enough through Marketplace?

The question nowadays is not IF you are active on a Marketplace, but WHICH Marketplace you are active on? You used to see sellers choosing the most suitable Marketplace for them, but nowadays you don't have to choose, you can promote your products on all platforms at the same time. To avoid linking to all these Marketplaces and uploading your product feed to different Marketplaces all the time, there are handy platforms that take care of this. Just one connection to such a platform and your items can appear on different Marketplaces with one click of a button.

Marketplace Integrations

Marketplace platforms such as About You, Amazon, Back Market, Zalando (and many more) are directly linked to Active Ants. This is very convenient as the orders come directly into our warehouse and are processed quickly. Speed and the way of processing, packaging and return labels are often strict requirements of Marketplaces. Did you know that Active Ants is certified to 'fulfil' orders for Marketplaces like Zalando? We have proven to this, and many other important Marketplaces, that we can ship the way they want it, no concessions. Every new Active Ants customer can immediately benefit from these Marketplace integrations and start selling more.

Sales via Channels

As far as Channels are concerned, we work with partners who, like us, have a lot of experience with e-commerce. They offer the most versatile and complete application for managing and automatically selling via Marketplaces. These Channels help you to sell your products on more channels in an effective way. Also cross border.

Do you want more information?

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