HobbyKing: Thousands of unique parts and items, rapidly delivered all across Europe

With approximately 9.000 to 10.000 unique parts and items in stock and the desire to ship their products all over Europe, HobbyKing faced quite the logistical challenge. A true feat, even without considering that most of their products are manufactured by a large number of Chinese suppliers.

Fortunately, HobbyKing found a suitable partner for all their fulfillment needs in 2013, when they reached out to Active Ants. Five years later it’s the perfect moment to reflect on our collaboration. How do we ensure speedy delivery all over the continent, all year round?

Read all about HobbyKing’s choice for Active Ants and our successful partnership in this business case.

About HobbyKing

HobbyKing is a large online store for RC fanatics and hobbyists, with offers ranging from drones, RC cars and planes to a wide selection of spare parts for those products. HobbyKing is based in Hong Kong and cooperates with multiple fulfillment companies all over the globe to ensure worldwide delivery of their products.

Why HobbyKing chose for Active Ants

For HobbyKing to gain a foothold in the European market, rapid delivery from a local warehouse is essential. Customers demand short delivery times, which poses a challenge when items have to be shipped from Hong Kong. Adding to the challenge, HobbyKing offers a wide selection of products. Therefore they required a fulfillment partner who is able to handle their product range with enough expertise to ensure the correct delivery to all their European customers.

When inquiring the possibilities at different fulfillment businesses, Active Ants stood out in comparison to the other companies because of our main focus on a personalized service for all our clients. HobbyKing realises that their wide product range might pose a challenge for fulfillment companies, but appreciates it greatly when their fulfillment partner aids in exposing possibilities and opportunities for the entire delivery aspect of their business.

Active Ants frequently meets up with HobbyKing to discuss ongoing business and to discover new opportunities for HobbyKing in the European market. That, in combination with our highly experienced personnel and our excellent service level, ensured the start of our fruitful collaboration with HobbyKing.

A look into our Fulfillment Solutions for HobbyKing

Active Ants handles around 9.000 to 10.000 unique products for HobbyKing on a daily basis. Our service starts right at the moment the first ships pull into the massive port of Rotterdam. We ensure that HobbyKing’s products clear Rotterdam’s customs without a hitch; that way, we can start the intake process into our warehouse as soon as possible, speeding up the entire fulfillment process.

Expertly trained employees receive the goods and ensure that each unique item is stored in the right location. All products are loaded into our custom-made system for HobbyKing, connected by the implementation of an API. With this system, HobbyKing has access to live data, including actual stock volumes and track & trace information.

Incoming orders will be picked by our order pickers, scanned and prepared for delivery right away. For the actual shipping of the orders, Active Ants has contracts with multiple carrier services. We offer both tracked and untracked delivery services for the products of HobbyKing. With great care we ensure that all European deliveries are taken care of in a timely manner.

Active Ants Fulfilment’s support doesn’t end after this process. We also take care of an important part of the aftersales service for HobbyKing, informing their customers by answering frequently asked questions about the delivery of their orders. To answer these questions to their satisfaction we keep in touch with HobbyKing’s customer service department, situated in the Philippines. This way, Active Ants stays involved during the entire fulfillment process, providing the personal kind of service which HobbyKing values greatly.

Black Friday

Black Friday pushes popular demand of HobbyKing’s products to the limit, demanding a skilled fulfillment partner to realize timely delivery of all incoming orders. Active Ants has the capacity to deal with these peak moments. We keep a close eye on HobbyKing’s stock, ensuring the availability of all products. Incoming shipments are processed in a swift and precise manner, clearing the way for order pickers to process all incoming orders in time.

HobbyKing's experience with Active Ants

HobbyKing greatly appreciates our collaboration, especially valuing our personalized service and expertise. Finding a suitable fulfillment partner proved difficult for them in the past, with their wide range of parts and products, demanding vast knowledge and affinity with their product range.

Active Ants proved to be a valued partner, expertly taking care of their entire fulfillment process in Europe. Periodic meetings are scheduled to discuss ongoing business and Active Ants also aids by coming up with new ideas and possibilities to further improve their foothold in all European countries. That way, we strengthen our partnership on a day-to-day basis and simultaneously pave the way for further growth in the future!

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