Fulfilment reports: how to stay up to date on your online shop fulfilment performances!

When you manage the inventory of your online shop yourself, you will regularly have to go to your storage location to check your current inventory levels. Once you start selling many different products, this can quickly become a time-consuming task. Luckily, you can outsource this process. How can you stay up to date if you decide to let an external party handle your online shop fulfilment?

Stay fully up to date even after outsourcing your fulfilment

Rest assured: opting to outsource this process certainly does not mean losing insight into your online shop fulfilment performances. With detailed fulfilment reports sent to you by the fulfilment company, you will always be up to date on your online shop's performances.

For example, Active Ants’ reporting system lets you check on your online shop at any time. You have insight into your inventory levels, the number of orders received, the status of orders and all other information you need to optimally manage your online shop.

This approach ensures you are fully aware of exactly how your online shop is doing, even after outsourcing your fulfilment process. The fulfilment company presents all relevant information in reports. This way, you can quickly gather the insights you need and save valuable time to further develop your online shop.

Fulfilment reports: what information do they contain?

Every fulfilment company has its own systems and options to provide insight into inventory levels, sales dates and additional information. Active Ants offers fulfilment reports via MAYA, our proprietary online system for inventory management and order processing.

This system offers clients the following options:

  • Via MAYA, you can access dozens of standard reports.
  • Furthermore, we can generate custom reports in a matter of hours. These contain information specifically tailored towards your online shop.
  • You can easily submit orders, generate reports and check revenue data.
  • You can consult your current inventory levels, monitor your daily sales, check what orders have already been shipped out and keep an eye on incoming payments.

Respond quickly to developments

These reports give online shop owners insight into their inventory levels and how quickly products are moving. This ensures you can respond quickly to the increased demand for your products and refill your inventory on time. Your products will never be out of stock again and you do not have to worry about disappointing your customers.

The reports also provide useful insights into the performances of your products. You can quickly identify the most popular products and determine what products are not selling as well. Online shop owners can use this information to their advantage during the purchasing process.

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