How does Active Ants pack your products?

Active Ants uses two types of packing machines: the CartonWrap and the Jivaro. Depending on the products, these machines create the ideal box, resulting in a minimum amount of air being transported. Consequently, Active Ants transports 40% less air on average. This also allows us to transport more parcels in the lorry and reduce our CO2 emissions even further. The shipping labels are printed on the lid by the Jivaro, so no separate label material is needed.


The CartonWrap, used in the E-fulfilment centre in Nieuwegein (Netherlands)

Why do we use an automated packing system? 

You may wonder what the advantages of automatic packing are for online shops. Or even better, what are the advantages for the consumer? First of all, automated packing is very sustainable. After all, we use less cardboard, we use less air in the box and we use less filling material in our E-fulfilment process. Ultimately, sustainability is a matter that concerns us all. 

Customised box

Secondly, the box is made to size. This gives a good 'customer experience' in the 'unboxing' process. We all know the examples that are sent around by angry consumers who receive a single felt pen in a very large box with a lot of padding. With packing machines, that is a thing of the past.

Sustainable Packing

Tailor-made packaging with personalised print

Efficient packing

Finally, this efficient way of working is a big advantage for everyone in the chain. The consumer does not really want to pay for transport and packaging. Prices and costs are therefore under pressure. The online store will therefore look for the most efficient way of packing. An automatic packing machine is efficient and makes a competitive price possible. We call this a win-win-win situation.

The Jivaro Packingmachine. Used in our other E-fulfilment centres in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK

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