IAMTORO: 'We believe that innovation is also important for our partners'

The refreshing boxer shorts brand IAMTORO likes to break through the standards of the fashion world. "We don't release a new collection every season and we don't do any clearance sales either, but we do solve problems that other brands leave behind," says co-owner Marc van Eck.

IAMTORO was founded towards the end of 2018 by Marc van Eck, Roland Ykel and Everon Jackson Hooi, who is also the face of the brand. Marc was actually hired as a brand strategist to help think about the positioning of the brand. However, the gentlemen complemented each other so well that it was decided to combine the qualities and continue as a trio.

Using their own talents, outsourcing other activities

Because the men have other businesses besides IAMTORO, it is important to work efficiently. "I am a great believer in achieving more by doing less," says Marc, who has no problem outsourcing. For example, the company has outsourced its order fulfilment to Active Ants since the start.

"We wanted to avoid spending a lot of time on packing and shipping the packages. We would rather spend this time on producing new products or marketing. This is what we are good at and where we can make a difference", Marc explains. Competition in the underwear market is fierce, so it is important to be distinctive.

'The boxers increase the self-confidence of our customers'.

IAMTORO meets this need, among other things, with its own unique fit. The boxer shorts are slightly higher at the back, so that the dreaded builders' cleavage is prevented. Extra attention has also been paid to the lines, which accentuate the leg and buttock muscles. Furthermore, the pouch ensures that the noble parts are lifted slightly, which increases the wearing comfort.

With a perfectly fitting boxer that does justice to the male body, IAMTORO aims to boost the self-confidence of its customers. In doing so, the company focuses not only on sporty men who pay a lot of attention to their bodies, but also on men who have (overcome) the necessary challenges in their lives. "We want to be an inspiration to them."

'Active Ants was one of the first to deploy robots for E-fulfilment'

Where most fashion companies use professional models during their launch, IAMTORO gave men with a special story a stage. Besides the fact that this could count on the necessary sympathy, the launch was also widely covered by the media. "You don't just have to make sure your product is better, to make it you also have to communicate it properly."

According to the co-owner, IAMTORO is about more than just clothing. "It is a lifestyle. That's why we regularly release unique items that fit perfectly into that philosophy." Originality and innovation run like a recurring theme through Marc's entrepreneurial story. He also finds this important with his cooperation partners.

"When we were looking for a fulfilment partner, Active Ants was one of the first companies to use robots on a large scale," he says. The efficient and therefore sustainable way of packaging also appealed to him. "For us, quality is always more important than price, but we do want to work as cost-effectively as possible.

'Entrepreneurship is trying things out'

The fact that Active Ants was able to design shipping packaging so that three boxer shorts could easily fit through the letterbox, for example, was very much appreciated. "Customers are happy because in most cases they don't have to stay at home and for us the shipping costs are a lot lower." The company also managed to cut costs by reducing the cut-off time to 10pm.

"Entrepreneurship is about trying things out," Marc says level-headedly. "Some people like to think out all the scenarios first, I prefer to experience things in practice." The fact that as an entrepreneur you have to deal with a lot is exactly what he likes about it. "We do not have a standard design, we are averse to the standards of fashion and we want to grow on our own. This does not make it easy for us, but it gives us the greatest satisfaction when we succeed in doing so."