Is online shop fulfilment interesting for smaller online shops?

Online shop fulfilment is an excellent solution for many entrepreneurs. Outsourcing your order fulfilment and your entire logistical process offers online shop owners a range of benefits. What about the owners of smaller online shops, however? Is e-fulfilment an interesting option for them as well? Allow us to explain in this article!

The benefits of online shop fulfilment

There are many benefits to online shop fulfilment. For example, you no longer have to spend a ton of time packaging and shipping products yourself. As an entrepreneur, you can use this extra time to further develop and expand your online shop.

Additionally, you no longer need your own storage space. You do not have to reserve space in your business to store all your products or rent external storage space. The fulfilment company will carefully store all your products until they are sold.

With the help of a fulfilment partner, you can elevate your quality of service to the next level. These large-scale organisations are set up to ship orders to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a result of this structure and favourable agreements with various transporters, orders can be shipped to customers on the same day - even if these orders come in late at night. In this day and age, fast delivery times are essential to keep customers satisfied. Offering this service will contribute to a positive customer experience in your online shop.

Fulfilment for smaller online shops

For entrepreneurs who run a smaller online shop, it is not always immediately clear whether order fulfilment is an interesting option. How many orders are needed to make outsourcing your logistical process to a fulfilment company a viable solution? Do you even want to give up the reins?

It goes without saying that outsourcing your logistics is not viable if your online shop only receives a few orders per week. Nevertheless, outsourcing this process becomes profitable far sooner than many entrepreneurs believe! In fact, it is a wise choice to make if you receive as few as twenty orders per day.

What are the key reasons for owners of small online shops to decide to outsource their logistical process?

  • You save precious time and money. You can then dedicate these resources to other aspects of your business, such as promotion and the further development of your online shop.
  • The costs of fulfilment are not that high. The fulfilment company you work with enjoys certain scale benefits, which allows it to sign favourable agreements with delivery services and other logistical partners. These price benefits make fulfilment profitable quickly - even for small online shops.
  • Your online shop can offer a higher quality of service. From faster delivery times to rapid returns processing and receiving assistance from an easily accessible customer service department; fulfilment via a professional fulfilment company offers myriad benefits for your customers!
  • Your products are carefully stored and insured against water and fire damage and theft.
  • If you go away on holiday or fall ill, your online shop's activities can continue without interruption and without you having to worry about a thing. This makes your online shop more reliable and ensures you can offer customers a consistently high quality of service.

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