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Active Ants UK in Northampton

25 April 2022

Active Ants opens its fifth fulfilment centre in the UK

Active Ants, a subsidiary of the bpost group, will open its fifth fulfilment centre in September 2022.

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iStock 1032521774

10 May 2022

Sustainability for Webshops in 4 Simple Steps

by Jasmijn Missler Our parcel shame (shame of the environmental impact your package delivery has) is growing.

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afbeelding 1 bij artikel Social Commerce

9 May 2022

Social commerce: what is it, does it work and when in the Netherlands?

by Bart Reijven. Social commerce, a term you come across more and more often.

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Personalized Print

8 February 2021

e-fulfilment with robots, yet personal

Had a busy December month as webshop owner, manager, or entrepreneur? Family, friends, picking, packing and sending online orders? Unfortunately, we can’t help you with your family and friends, but…

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