''We sell hot air''

In a time when we have the ambition to reduce CO2 emissions and guard against rising energy costs, SpeedComfort offers a sustainable - and energy-saving solution. ''We don't sell hot air. We sell warmed air'', says CEO Pieter van der Ploeg.

Smart radiator fan

''A few years ago an engineer shared his idea with me to make central heating installations much more efficient with fans,'' Pieter explains. ''I was involved in sustainability projects and was immediately excited. I started working with two engineers to develop this idea further and three months later the prototype of the SpeedComfort was ready; a smart radiator fan that makes your home more comfortable and helps you save a lot on your energy consumption. Set up in no time at all. November 2015 the SpeedComfort was chosen as 'The Greenest Idea of the Netherlands'. In the years that followed, many other awards followed.

Speedcomforts smart radiator fan

Suitable fulfilment partner

Pieter: ''Because we got a lot of attention on radio and television, sales went fast. We now have 350,000 households as satisfied customers. To keep up with the growth and to maintain our sustainable ambitions, we had to find a suitable fulfilment partner. That partner was Active Ants. Besides the sustainable business practices, we were also pleased with the CartonWrap, a machine that automatically creates customized boxes for the orders. This prevents empty space in boxes and eliminates the need for plastic filling material''.

Reducing CO2 emissions

''We do more than just sell,'' Pieter continues. ''For every SpeedComfort sold, a tree is planted by our partner Eden Projects. By 2021, no less than 200,000 trees were planted. The projects we are involved in are in Mozambique. In addition to nature restoration, they also provide employment for the local population.'' Parts from China are transported by train. Compared to container ships or flying, this is the least polluting method of transport. On the other hand, bicycle couriers are used as often as possible to deliver to customers. Pieter: ''We are constantly working on reducing our CO2 emissions. At the moment, we are even 'climate positive'.

"Active Ants helps us to think about our customers"

The orders in our webshops are processed by Active Ants. This also applies to dropshipping for partners such as NRC web store, Essent and Greenchoice. Orders go all over the world. From Turkey and Spain, where it can also be cold, to an installer in New Zealand. At the time of the Brexit, Active Ants thought well with us and tried out a workaround for the UK. So at Active Ants it doesn't stop at just processing orders. They also look further and think along with the customer. I like that. Because we also continue to grow and need to move forward," says Pieter.

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