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Kentucky Dogwear Personalized Packaging

8 November 2021

“Active Ants provides excellent Customer experience” says Kentucky Dogwear CEO Thomas Tuytens.

In September 2021 dog accessory specialist Kentucky Dogwear selected Active Ants as its online order fulfilment partner.

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Vooraanzicht Active Ants Willebroek

5 October 2021

Active Ants officially opens its next E-fulfilment center of the future in Willebroek

Expansion of the e-commerce logistics activities in Belgium  New 10,000m² state-of-the-art E-fulfilment center in Willebroek  Innovative solution, with 50 robots to assist employees  AMR's at the Belgian AutoStore Active Ants, subsidiary of bpost group, moved this summer…

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Fulfilment for webshops Willebroek

11 August 2021

Active Ants' newest E-fulfilment center opens its doors in Willebroek, Belgium

On July 1, the first test package was packed by an Active Ants employee and sorted by a robot at Active Ants' newest E-fulfilment center in Willebroek, Belgium.

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Jurgen Mook COO Nedcargo & Jeroen Dekker Managing Partner Active Ants

19 May 2021

Active Ants and Nedcargo sign strategic Benelux partnership agreement.

19th may, 2021, 09:00 Active Ants (subsidiary of bpost group) and Nedcargo, originally two Dutch companies, will enter into a partnership in Willebroek to offer a joint e-commerce solution in the…

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Personalized Print

8 February 2021

e-fulfilment with robots, yet personal

Had a busy December month as webshop owner, manager, or entrepreneur? Family, friends, picking, packing and sending online orders? Unfortunately, we can’t help you with your family and friends, but…

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