Online shop fulfilment: packing

Packaging orders as part of online shop fulfilment is a delicate process. Active Ants does this with the utmost care and attention and uses sturdy and environmentally friendly packaging materials to ensure your products reach their final destination unharmed. Every product is packaged in a fitted packaging, thereby minimising the amount of wasted space and materials.

Our packaging options

  • Active Ants uses more than twenty different types of boxes, padded envelopes and shipping bags;
  • Products that are already securely packaged can be wrapped in white, black or transparent PE shrink film. This reduces the use of unnecessary outer packaging and is better for the environment;
  • Active Ants can also gift wrap products or follow specific packaging instructions;
  • Active Ants uses highly efficient automatic packaging machines. These machines can process up to 800 packages per hour and package them using exactly the right amount of packaging materials to minimise waste and empty space. 

FSC-certified packaging materials

We exclusively use FSC-certified packaging materials. The independent international FSC hallmark serves as an indication that the raw materials used for wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests and that due care is given to the people who depend on these forests.

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